Studio12 offers a number of workshops and taster sessions to new groups. We have a history of delivering tailor-made projects to young people aged 16-30. Please see the links below and get in touch with to discuss workshops.

Studio12 works with partner organisations to deliver artist lead projects, below are a list of recent projects.

Princes Trust – Get into Film

As part of the Get into Film programme in partnership with PrincesTrust 14 young people created a film in 5 days. Leeds Mc, beatboxing poet Homecut supported the group to write poems creating a narrative for the film. Looking at sense of place the group wrote about culture, the city, family and aspirations.
Locations were chosen in response to the writing. The young people learned new skills including storyboarding, filming, editing and planning a showcase. The end result is a touching insight into their thoughts and lives.

At the reunion the young people spoke to Dawn Lightfoot, from BIPC, Leeds Library and Information Service, on how to use social media as a tool for business and networking. Craig Lawson from the BFI spoke to the group about next steps and his experience in the film industry. The young people will be mentored for the following 6 months by the Princes Trust supporting them with their personal development in order to progress in their chosen career.

From Dark to Light from Studio12 on Vimeo.


Breeze – Reporter Team

  • Promote Studio12 and the Breeze Arts Festival to the population of Leeds, art organisations and educators.
  • Engage with young people, working with them to evaluate the Breeze Arts Festival using peer to peer reporting
  • Create an evaluation film of the festival for the Arts Council in a documentary format
  • Learn what young people, artists, organisations and families want from an Arts Festival and how they engage, learn and socialise within events
  • Offer young people the chance to learn new skills in planning, filming, reporting, using film equipment, software and editing
  • Develop young people’s confidence in communication, networking and teamwork, improving prospects for further education or careers


As part of the reporting team young people were involved in recording events, choosing which projects to film, interviewing attendees and facilitators of the festival in a fun and creative manner, producing vox pop and a short film by the end of the festival. They worked with industry professionals, visiting different arts organisations and meeting some of the artists and performers taking part.

Each day involved reviewing and editing footage, filming interviews and cutaways at events. The young people were given roles each day including: production assistant (paperwork, timings and approaching interviewees), interviewer, camera person and sound recorder. Each day saw an improvement in the framing of shots, focusing the camera and interview techniques. The group bonded well and shared jobs, supporting each other with advice and ideas. The group worked in pairs to edit the footage each day, looking at ways to improve how they conducted the interviews and framed their shots.

The events also gave the young people a chance to network and learn about arts organisations in the city. They listened to what was important in making an event work and the importance of culture to the city and communities. They were interviewed on Made in Leeds TV and learnt about their internship programme.

Each member of the group has been enrolled with Studio12 and they have returned to create the final edit, increasing their skills in Final Cut editing software, colourcorrection and title animation. Studio12 will continue to support the group in their future film projects. The documentary will be sent to the Arts Council showcasing over 10 events, providing a detailed evaluation of the Breeze Arts Festival through peer to peer documentation

“I’d just like to say a massive Thank you! To you and the team for giving my son the opportunity to help film the Breeze Arts Festival. He comes home fit-to burst with enthusiasm and passion for the project, and filming in general. What a fantastic idea Studio12 is, I only wish it had existed when I was his age!”


Under the Owls

Following oscreen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-50-23screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-50-09n from the event at Millennium Square in 2015, Under The Owls presented 5 days of music and workshops in partnership with organisations from across the city, at the newly redeveloped Kirkgate Market Arena during Breeze Arts Festival. Leeds Music Trust, Centre Stage, Studio 12, Chapel FM, DJ School, Yorkshire Dance, Broadcast and Come Play With Me presented a number of performances across the week, as well as workshops from artists Melanie King and Charlotte Biszewski.

Studio12 invited its studio users to perform at Kirkgate Market’s Arts Space: including Alyshah, Paramount Music, Tix the Musician, RDC Soldier, Aoife O’Connor and 90’s, and hosted by studio user Yannick Benjamin.

The performances were a mix of spoken word, hip-hop, grime and dance. Providing the young artists of Leeds with the chance to showcase their talent to a new audience. A crowd of different ages and cultures gathered at Kirkgate Market to watch the show. The performers gained further experience in collaborating in order to produce a show of high quality. There was a high interest on social media and performers were interviewed


Leeds Museums and Galleries- Lotherton Hall Fashion Through the Ages

A group of young people came together to film fashion on the streets of Leeds. The group planned locations, filmed and edited interviews of people in Leeds Market, Leeds Corn Exchange, Lotherton Hall and on the Briggate. The film will be showcased alongside the Fashion Through The Ages exhibition in March 2017 at Lotherton Hall, giving an insight into current fashion along side items from the museum archives.

As part of the project the group spoke about their sense of style and identity and created a zine which was exhibited in Room700 Leeds Central Library as part of the This is Me exhibition, Love Arts Festival 2016.



img_6711WANTED with Chris Goode & Company, saw people across the city present their unpredictable desires on stage at West Yorkshire Playhouse, in a show that celebrated the distinct, yet indefinable voice of Leeds.

Studio12 was approached by the WANTED team to take part, there were 24 acts all with a 3 minute slot to create anything they wanted on stage.

Studio12 worked with studio members Empress Imani and Bianca Gerald, facilitating spoken word workshops supported by director and industry professional Kirsty Housley. Bianca and Imani produced a strong and inspiring spoken word and music performance based around personal experiences and the empowerment of women of any age.

WANTED provided the people of Leeds with a platform on which to perform, voice their experiences and have fun. The end result was a diverse mix of performances including acts from Angel of Youths, previous Words First and

Studio12 particpant Kim Ho, Saju and other spoken word artists of Leeds. Studio12 continues to provide young people with a chance to showcase their talents and be an active part of the Leeds creative media community, creating pathways into the industry and opportunities to develop professionally




As part of the BAS8 Ambassador Scheme Studio12 supported young women from the Together Women’s Project in Leeds with the aim of helping them to develop a youth led take over night as part of the BAS8 public programme.

Together women toured the gallery before the exhibition was installed for a special behind the scenes look at the empty spaces and again to see the show once it was open. The group were particularly interested in representations of figures in the work of Linder Sterling. Taking inspiration from the artist the group looked at identity and what it means to them to be British. Creating portraits in Studio12 and poems with spoken word artist Khadijah. The group planned a Young Persons Remix of the British Art Show 8 with spoken word performance by Together Women, Khadijah, Leeds Young Authors, dance from Yew Tree Youth Theatre and Together Women’s portraits exhibited alongside the BAS8 artists work.

Studio12 participants created grime and hip hop remixes of audio from films by Rachel Maclean, & the soundscape created by Eileen Simpson & Ben White. The Together Women and LYA performance was in a Flash Mob style, with performances in different rooms of the art gallery and pauses for the audience to network and appreciate the art. The families and Together Women leaders were very proud of the girls and even moved to tears.

The Studio12 members who remixed the soundscapes commented that it was the first time they had engaged with an art exhibition and found it really interesting and inspiring. The ambassador scheme created participation with groups that would other wise be marginalised from viewing the show, enhancing their art work and giving young people a voice. Studio12 and Leeds Libraries were able to support BAS8 and the organisations with their projects, enhancing our profile and supporting young people to learn new skills and access our services and resources. A vine showcasing the project will be available on the British Art Show 8’s blog and websites.

“Yew Tree Youth Theatre – What struck me most about the event was the Women’s Association’s poetry performances, and the subject they dealt with. What being British meant to those with different cultural identities, or, phrased more broadly, identity itself. The performances were quite rousing. Individuals younger than those of the youth theatre picked up a microphone and performed their writing, braving their nerves and their worries to speak their mind. It was interestingto say the least, and set me thinking. Thinking about how art itself relates to identity.”

Breeze Arts Foundation First Floor

Studio12 and First floor deliver a get into film, each year the group have to Write, storyboard, film, edit and present the group film. Part of the Breeze Arts foundation young prople work towards there Arts Award.

Come Dream With Us

Come Dream With Us from Studio12 on Vimeo.


Arts Champion Project – project in partnership with Future Pathways, delivering the Arts Award

Film produced as part of an animation summer school with People in Action at Studio12. The sessions ran over six mornings and covered stop-frame animation, shadow puppetry, photography, filming, editing, storyboarding and set design.