In honour of UK Parliament Week we are showcasing two Studio12 projects that celebrate 100 years since some women got the right to vote.

Leeds Libraries Voicebox Cafés project was run by the Good Things Foundation and delivered by Studio12. We set a high standard for Voicebox Cafes following on from the project A Manifesto in Verse. Inspired by Leeds Libraries collections a group of young women from diverse cultures produced writing with Khadijah Ibrahiim, an established Leeds activist, poet and theatre maker. They then worked with Studio12 to create an immersive exhibition by creating collections of poems, performances, sound and visuals on topics historically linked to suffrage yet also within modern society. The collections were captured through film and photography, then transformed into virtual reality.

Studio12 chose to take part in the Voicebox Cafes project to develop the strong work produced during Manifesto in Verse, yet provide more women from different Leeds communities opportunities to express their views through writing, spoken word and performance. Between August to November this year we ran events that supported women to understand, celebrate and participate in democracy and public life. 36 UK Online Centres around the country took part in the project, celebrating 100 years since some women got the right to vote. Manifesto in Verse participants acted as ambassadors for the Voicebox Cafés project, inspiring other women to build their own and each other’s confidence in speaking out on issues that matter to them. Learners on the Voicebox Cafes project have received chances to showcase work and further opportunities are planned for March 2019, including an event as part of Leeds Libraries Literature Festival.

The video below summarises our Voicebox Cafes events, and showcases some of the spokenword performances. 

Studio12 Voicebox Cafes from Studio12 on Vimeo.


Please ensure you click through the slideshow below to view a set of spokenword performances created during A Manifesto in Verse.



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